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Euchre Score Keeper w/Recycled Rubber Coaster & Playing Cards

A unique, wooden Euchre game set handcrafted by local Michigan artists. This particular set includes Do You Euchre? playing cards and a 4 pack of recycled rubber coasters. 

With a top cutout and four separate slots to securely house the included accessories, this Euchre game set is both unique and practical. In addition to the rubber coasters, the included accessories are three boards which will help keep the pace of your games flowing smoothly. The first board answers the inevitable question of, "What's Trump?" while the other boards will help everyone keep score. These boards feature a felt lined backing to help prevent scratching against playing surfaces.

Note: This set is designed to hold an entire deck of playing cards and four rubber coasters.

The kit features an attractive raw maple finish. Please note that the wood grain pattern of your Euchre set may be different than what is pictured.

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